Future Parents


Cloud 9s Under the NM Skies

aka "Taos"

4th Generation Cockapoo


Cloud 9s Celestial Skye

3rd Generation Cockapoo

Meet Our Parents

The Cloud 9 Cockapoos Family

We've selected our parents based on their excellent health, great temperaments and beauty.
Each of our parent dogs are unique and we are excited to share them with you.

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Oona came to us from Maranatha Cockapoos in Lake Stevens, WA - resides with Cloud 9 

Small standard  / 21 lbs / 15 inches 

Downy/wavy coat. Excellent for grooming. Very friendly, ball-chaser and toddler watcher



Winton came to us from OZ Cockapoos in Holton, Indiana - resides with guardian family the Swansons

Small standard / 23 lbs  / 15.5 in.

Long,cocker-type wavy coat. Very gentle and sweet and has the most gorgeous green/gold eyes.



Clementine came to us from OZ Cockapoos in Holton, Indiana - resides with Cloud 9 

Small Standard / 22 lbs / 15 in

Soft curly/wavy coat. She is a sweetheart! So friendly and wonderful with children. ​

Maple 2.jpg


Maple is a 2nd generation cockapoo from Oona and Winston - resides with guardian family the Wallers

Standard / 26 lbs / 16 inches

Wavy/soft coat. Great with kids and loves to snuggle on the couch with her family.



Freya is a 2nd generation cockapoo from Clementine and Winston - resides with guardian family the Ziobros

Standard / 20 lbs / 15 inches

Freya loves to play with her family and find creative places to nap 

Canine HC - Available
Finnegan - 4 months.jpg


Finnegan is a 3rd generation cockapoo from Starlos Cockapoos - resides with Cloud 9

Standard / 17 lbs / 14 inches

Silky coat and the sweetest personality. Carries red and opens agouti colors. We are very excited to see what he produces!